Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Getting Turkish citizenship has become more easy for foreign investors with the changes made to Turkey’s current citizenship law. The recent regulations were published in the Official Gazette on January 12, 2017.

Which countries’ citizens can buy a property in Turkey ( Please click for our article concerning that topic in details)? There are not so much restriction on foreigners in that issue. Please note that property which will be purchased must not be close to any Turkish Military base. Turkish Authorities are checking the location before the purchase. Supervision of authorities regarding location of the property may take few months. Foreigner can buy a property after that research (military zone  proximity check) will be done.

Foreigners who satisfies following condition would be eligible to obtain citizenship under the recent regulations.

As a condition a phrase added to Article 20 of Regulation concerning Implementation of Turkish Citizenship Law (dated and numbered 06.04.2010/27544) :

“Proven by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to have acquired an immovable property worth a minimum of USD 1,000,000 with a title deed restriction of not to sell for at least three years

The effective selling rate of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey as of the proving date will be used as a benchmark to determine the actual values of operations.

Prior to this change on 28.07.2016, a paragraph is added to an article 12 of Turkish Citizenship Law (Law not a regulation)

Foreigners can apply to Turkish citizenship as an “exceptional” status basis on

a)       Foreigners, their spouse and their children who has residence permit under article 31/1 (please click article 31) of Protection on LAW ON FOREIGNERS AND INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION 

b)      Turquois Card Owners, their spouse and their children


Accordingly, after the investment foreigner will have the right to apply residence permit under article 31 or Turquois Card. Turquois Card is almost similar to U.S green card. It gives work and residence permit for the foreigner and its family. 1 million investment grants to a foreigner to apply to obtain Turquois Card or short residence permit under Article 31. This procedure (having Turquois Card or Short Residence Permit) may take few months after purchase.

Holder of Turquois Card and Short Residence Permit can apply Turkish Citizenship under Exceptional Status. Application can be done via consulate of the country that foreigner stays or via Turkish Administration in Turkey . Citizenship application will be sent to the interior ministry and then Council of Turkish Ministry for approval. During the application, administration gives a tracking number to follow up the outcome of application.

Procedures can be done by giving a power of attorney to a Turkish Lawyer remotely.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Atty. Gökhan Cindemir
He graduated from Anatolian High School of Karadeniz Eregli, after his graduation he studied in Belgium with AFS intercultural exchange program. He obtained his law license degree from Marmara University of Law Faculty. During his university education, he participated in Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition on behalf of the Marmara University. After his admission to Istanbul Bar Association in 2009, he obtained master degree (LL.M) from Gent University / Belgium in the field of European and Comparative law. His master research was about Freedom of Establishment In Relation With Turkish rep. and EEC in the frame of Ankara Agreement. He is specialized in International Private Law, European Law, Real Estate Law, Penal Law and Tort Law. He speaks fluent English and has good command of Dutch and French. He is also authorized as a solicitor, barrister.
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